June 15, 2015

Santiago, Chile - Art Museums

I was in Santiago, Chile for a Best Western Hotel Visit, and while in Santiago, Chile I was able to visit several art museums.  The Museo Chileno de Atre Precolombino was of particular interest. 

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June 9, 2015

Vina del Mar, Chile

While in Santiago Chile, we took a day trip to ViƱa del Mar.  A lovely ocean city.


June 5, 2015

Santiago Chile - Architecture

The architecture in Santiago, Chile was contemporary and beautiful. Green practices were incorporated in most of the buildings - predominately high rise buildings.  Both business and residential buildings were multi-level.  The infrastructure and transportation system for the city was amazing. 


June 2, 2015

Santiago Chile BW Premier Property Visit

Was in Santiago, Chile to review a Best Western Premier property and extended my visit time and was able to spend a week in Chile.  The hotel was lovely, below are some photos.  This property is located in a upscale area in Santiago not far from the main business district and a few blocks from a very large mall and park.  The views from the hotel were stunning. The Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes Hotel was a wonderful experience!